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Blindman Brewing Co.

Illustration and Design

When Blindman Brewing first brought me on they had just finished celebrating their first anniversary and were looking to add a designer with some illustration skills to their roster. Working closely with their team I've produced several labels, and brand assets for them that go hand in hand with the story they're trying to tell.


There was much discussion around the duality of the light and dark blends and how the illustrations could play off of each other. In the end we settled on Canadian birds grabbing a beer together, hence them flying towards one another, and the contrast of night and day to distinguish between the light and dark blends.

Beer_Bottle_Mockup JEAN PIERRE 2018.png
Beer_Bottle_Mockup JEAN 2018.jpg
Beer_Bottle_Mockup PIERRE 2018.png


Blindman Brewing got their hands on some foeders (massive oak barrels) from France and named them after the French cooper (barrel maker), Jean-Pierre who reconditioned them. Blindman wanted to immortalize Jean-Pierre on the beer labels created for the beer that was made in the foeders. They asked me if I could put together a design that included the French cooper's portrait and, of course, we made it happen.

Beer_Bottle_Mockup BELGIAN DARK STRONG 2


"The goal here is that the fortified wine barrel addition will warm and strengthen the already dark and strong ale to fortify itself against the dark and strong Canadian winter." With a description like that it was easy to conjure up images of Canadians set against a winter landscape.

Beer_Bottle_Mockup BARREL AGED BRETT 24-
Beer_Bottle_Mockup 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 20
Beer_Bottle_Mockup ESCARPMENT COLLAB 201


Blindman has been, if anything, an incredibly versatile client to work with. They are always up for fun and creative solutions and together we've created a lot of interesting designs. From beer that is alien abduction worthy, to colourful woodland characters, to paying tribute to the draft horses that harvested the barley.

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