Since I can remember I've always had two passions: animals and drawing. Most of my youth was spent trying to decide between choosing one of these passions as a career choice. Unfortunately a career aptitude test didn't help clear up the matter. After explosives specialist (which, trust me, was hard to turn down), it was recommended I become a taxidermist... The test had combined my love of animals with my love of creativity. Horrified and confused I went with what I thought, at the time, was more feasible.

After going to school for pre-vet, fine arts and a couple of months travelling I found myself exploring the world of design. While design rarely involves saving animals I get to create things every day and that provides me with an amazing sense of accomplishment. If you have an idea you'd like to bring to light give me a shout and let's make it happen!

T: 780 200 2978